Monthly Archives: January 2011

Creative Ways to Buy Your First House

So you want to buy a house? Ok – there are some things to think about before you find that dream home!  Prices in Colorado can pose a big challenge for first-time buyers  – our average home price is over $200,000. Traditional … Continue reading

When Good Credit Marries Bad

Each person has their own credit report and score. A good credit borrower can only help the spouse with bad credit—however the bad credit can effect a good credit borrower if they sign on joint accounts.  Ask questions of your … Continue reading

Mortgage Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

You can leverage yourself too much and prepare too little. Terms can be misjudged and credit can be over estimated. Whether you have a PHd or you are a laborer, the mortgage process can be daunting and most people don’t understand … Continue reading

Back to the Traditional Down Payment

In today’s mortgage market, it is no longer necessary to have a 20% down payment in order to qualify to purchase a home.  However, you pay for the privilege of being able to buy a home with no savings by … Continue reading