Monthly Archives: May 2011

Stephanie Asks… My parents are looking at a Reverse Mortgage… Im worried, is this a good idea for them?

Good Question, especially in today’s market. Don’t be worried – just make sure you have the facts! Most reverse mortgages are made by the Federal Housing Administration’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program. It provides insured protection of reverse mortgage loans … Continue reading

Julie Asks… I want to sell my home, how do I get a competitive edge as a seller?

Think twice before you sell. A case can be made that this is a bad time to expect BIGreturns. If you don’t have to sell now, don’t. Make inexpensive improvements and wait until market  factors are more in your favor. However, some want … Continue reading

Rose Asks.. I want to buy a home, what is my best strategy for right now?

Be an attractive risk. Your credit score determines the interest rate a bank will give you on your mortgage and the difference between decent and terrific credit can add up to tens of thousands of dollars over the life of … Continue reading

John Asks… I heard that one way to improve my credit score is to close old accounts. True?

FALSE! FALSE! FALSE! Closing accounts like credit cards that you no longer use can acutally LOWER your credit score. Yes, I said lower your score. I know it sounds crazy but by closing an account with a zero balance, you are … Continue reading

Robert Asks… I am on the fence between renting & buying. Can you help me decide?

What a great question and a very popular one right now.  The Denver metro real estate market is experiencing rising rents. Previous homeowners that have lost their homes to foreclosure are now in the rental pool – we all need … Continue reading

Valerie Asks… I am getting ready to buy a house but I dread MOVING DAY – any tips to make that easier?

Moving Day can be a breeze! No, really it can – if you are prepared and you do a little forward planning! Make a MOVING DAY check list…and check it twice! Start with things to do 2 months prior to … Continue reading

Rick Asks…I Received the County Assessment for my Home – Can I Appeal the Value?

Yes you can. Did you ever see the cartoon where there are pictures of a shack and a mansion and then a castle – and that is how the assessor sees your home – as the castle? Things have changed … Continue reading

Simon Asks… I want to get approved to buy a house but I’ve heard it is confusing and stressful. Can you help?

Absolutely I can help. Being prepared is the best defense to confusion and stress. I read that more than 70 percent of Americans say getting a mortgage today is a serious national problem. I had one borrower tell me that … Continue reading