Monthly Archives: July 2011

Victor Asks…. How will the current government debt plan decisions affect mortgages and rates?

The details of the plan have not been worked out at the time of this writing but it is safe to say we WILL be affected! In the best case scenario, the plan will allow for simplifying the tax code … Continue reading

Ben Asks… I’ve heard it best to save a large down payment before I buy a house. Is that good advice?

  Yes, it is. However you don’t have to have a large down payment currently to buy a house. It just makes it more advantageous if you do. There are many benefits to having a large down payment. You will … Continue reading

Suze Asks… I want to buy a condo but heard they are bad investments. Any advice?

Suze, a condo is a good investment for some people…others not so much. My best advice is Buyer Beware! Sometimes condos seem more attractive because they have lower prices than single family homes, but that doesn’t mean the risk is … Continue reading

Ron Asks…. Is there down payment assistance to help me buy a house in Aurora?

  Yes there is! Aurora’s Home Ownership Assistance Program (HOAP) is celebrating 45 years of helping homeowners in Aurora! They are dedicated to making homeownership a reality for many families! The Aurora HOAP is a HUD approved counseling agency and … Continue reading