Monthly Archives: October 2011

Scott Asks… I have a great job that provides me with a steady income and I have a large amount of cash in savings, this should make my past bad credit less relevant, right?

    When it comes to purchasing, re-financing or even renting a home, having a great deal of money in savings or equity in your home does not necessarily mean you are in the clear to getting approved for a … Continue reading

Brian Asks… I have no debt or late payments; this means I should have a great credit score, right?

This is actually one of the most common credit myths out there. Just because you are financially responsible does not mean that you have good credit. Your FICO score (credit score) is a measure of your credibility when it comes … Continue reading

David asks… My daughter has a roommate who stopped paying her half of the rent. The management company keeps calling me. I co-signed for my daughter. Now the management company is starting eviction. What should I do?

This question was answered courtesy of the Real Estate Maven of Denver. If you want to avoid having an eviction for non-payment on your credit and your daughter’s credit PAY THE RENT! Colorado landlords and management companies often have a “joint and … Continue reading

Andrew Asks… I want to buy a home but am having trouble saving money for a down payment. Any advice?

Andrew, You are not alone when it comes to finding out that saving money for a down payment is quite challenging. In a recent survey conducted by Trulia, 70% of people said that owning a home is ultimately part of … Continue reading

Kara Asks… Is it possible that I could lose my job or have trouble finding a new one if my credit score is low?

Excellent Question – especially in this environment! Credit is king right now and it’s so important that you do your best to keep the scores high for a variety of reasons – including your employment! For many employers routine credit background … Continue reading