Monthly Archives: November 2011

Grace asks… I’ve heard that bi-weekly mortgage payments can save me a great deal of money… Is this true?

Grace what you have heard is in fact true! Bi-weekly mortgage payments serve as an accelerated mortgage payoff system which allows you to make one extra monthly payment per year. Here’s how it works; Instead of making 12 mortgage payments … Continue reading

Dan Asks… I’m a recent college graduate and am thinking about whether I should rent a property or buy my first home… By renting am I just throwing money away?

Let me start off by saying that renting in no way should be viewed as just throwing money away. Every person looking to either rent or buy a home is faced with different circumstances, each of which should play a … Continue reading

Susan Asks… I used my VA loan eligibility a few years ago on my former home ~ now I am looking for another home, can I use it again?

YES you can – it’s great news for Veterans. You can use your entitlement as many times as you wish – from your first home to your last. However, you can only have one VA loan at a time and … Continue reading

Paul Asks… I’m a veteran and want to buy a house ~ is it a good idea for me to use my VA eligibility?

Yes!  If you are a veteran and have VA eligibility then I would highly advise you to learn as much as you can about the VA home loan programs. ALMC Mortgage can help you determine if this is a good … Continue reading

Cheryl Answers Asks… The Occupy Movement now has plans to “Occupy Foreclosures,” I’d like to know your thoughts… Are these actions justified?

Let me take this as the chance to fully clarify this question – The Occupy Movement is protesting (in part) big banks and financial institutions for their role in the economic & housing crisis. Earlier this week the folks from … Continue reading