Monthly Archives: February 2012

Jay Asks… I am ready to buy a house and I want to be a professional and educated buyer. What should I do to impress the seller?

Love this question! As a seller prepares their home to be placed on the market, they often feel pressure to make sure the transaction goes smoothly and they sell their home.  It is equally important to impress the seller when … Continue reading

Exciting News! . . . ALMC is joining NOVA Home Loans.

I have some exciting news! ALMC is joining NOVA Home Loans on March 1. I’ll still be here, doing business as ALMC with the same All Loans Must Close philosophy that’s motivated me for the past 16 years. What does … Continue reading

Carly Asks… I want to list my house and need to make sure I don’t turn away a potential buyer… what are some things I should be aware of?

 As you go through the process of selling a home, you want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, so your home will in fact sell. To ensure you have buyers that enjoy their experience while visiting … Continue reading

Cheryl Answers… Your Questions about the $25 Billion Mortgage Settlement just announced from Washington

So, what does this massive settlement mean to YOU ? If you fall into the 3 categories below you may benefit from this agreement… •Homeowners who need loan modifications to stay in their homes. Loan servicers have agreed to write … Continue reading

Nancy Asks… I am looking to buy my first home. What things should I be aware of as a first time homebuyer?

Buying your first home will without a doubt is a learning experience. Sometimes the process involves much more than you will initially anticipate. You must get approved for a mortgage, utilize real estate and mortgage professionals, search for a home … Continue reading