Monthly Archives: March 2012

George Asks… My 35 year old son recently fell on hard times and asked to move back home. My wife and I want to help but we are concerned… any advice?

So, when your adult children have a temporary situation like a job loss, divorce or something of the like, it is natural to want to help them and I say YES – absolutely , however, set some family ground rules! Continue reading

Anna Asks… I am ready to start looking for a home and need to hire a real estate agent. How can I ensure that I find one that I can trust?

It is important for you to develop a strong relationship with your agent. After all, in many instances they will be the one representing your interests. Continue reading

Julia Asks… Im nervous about my credit and someone stealing my identity. What should I do to protect myself?

Identity Theft can occur in various ways: Dumpster Diving, Skimming, Phishing, or just plain stealing.  In some instances it is preventable, in others, no matter what you do – you may become victim to identity theft.   Here are some basic … Continue reading

Dan Asks… I just received my first credit card… What are a few ways in which I can manage it wisely?

It is incredibly important with your first credit card that you work on building a credit score. This will allow you to do a number of important things down the road such as being approved on a mortgage application, being … Continue reading