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Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

This class will teach you everything you need to know about dumping debt, building wealth, and changing your family tree Continue reading

Dave Asks… My new years resolution was to pay off my mortgage by the end of the year. How can I make it happen?

By paying off your mortgage early, you will be potentially saving a great deal of money.
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Wes Asks… I have already negotiated the price on the home I am purchasing but the appraisal came in lower than the price. How can I challenge this value?

If an appraisal has come in low, you can request to know what type of appraisal was done and if there are comparables available to submit a reconsideration of value to the appraisal management company. Continue reading

Jake Asks… Im a new college graduate and need to build some credit. Any ideas?

Be diligent and keep on top of your bills at all times – it will take a bit to earn a high credit score but your time and energy will pay off – literally –you’ll get lower rates and better terms on your future financing! Good Luck!
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