Monthly Archives: September 2012

James Asks… I was divorced a few years ago and my former wife and I agreed to split the bills. She is not paying and the credit card companies are calling ME. I’m not responsible right?

So if it was a joint debt, the divorce decree legally absolves you from the debt. However, the credit reporting aspect is a different story –the creditor will report and try to collect from either party sometimes as long as it takes. Continue reading

Joseph Asks… A $5 collection runied my credit – how can this happen?

You can get a free credit report once a year from
Continue reading

Jason Asks… I was wondering about Social Security Numbers. Will they ever run out ?

Great question Jason – you would think the answer is YES – however, after some searching I found this article below and the author seems to think we will have enough numbers to issue 5.5 Million per year through 2030! 18 … Continue reading