Monthly Archives: October 2013

Robert Asks… My agent showed my wife and I a house that is known to be haunted by local legend. It’s a little freaky – any way to know for sure?

Yes. If you currently have your eye on a home and are considering purchasing it but have a sinking suspicion that it may already have an “occupant” or two, there are in fact a few things you can do. Continue reading

Sharon Asks….How do I choose a mortgage provider I can trust?

Check with your local Better Business Bureau and ask for a company reliability report. Also, seek referrals within your own network of friends, co-workers, neighbors family and a trusted Realtor.
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Josh and Karen Ask…We want to move soon. How should we prepare our home to sell?

Remember to create a positive first impression and showcase the best attributes of your home.
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Doug asks…We will be in the market to purchase in three months. What can I do to ensure I get the best mortgage deal?

Purchasing a home is a major life event and taking appropriate steps can really pay off. Continue reading

Sarah Asks….I will be moving to Denver soon with my job. Should I rent or own?

Interest rates are still low and that means it is more affordable to own your own home. Continue reading

Cheryl Braunschweiger of ALMC Mortgage Named 2013 Five Star Mortgage Professional

Senior Loan Officer Cheryl Braunschweiger of ALMC Mortgage at NOVA Home Loans has been named as a Five Star Mortgage ProfessionalSM by 5280 Magazine and Five Star Professional. Continue reading