Monthly Archives: November 2013

Tricia asks….I have heard that buying a home in the winter months can be beneficial. I have SO many other things to do right now, why should I add this to my list?

The most important thing to remember is sellers that have listed during this time of year are very serious about selling. Continue reading

Jody asks…. I found the home of my dreams – but the inspection shows issues – what should I do?

I have dreamt of being a homeowner for years. But the inspector I hired found a few issues. Is my dream shattered? You still may be able to follow through with that dream. You did the right thing by hiring an inspcector – the money it costs upfront can save you thousands in the long run! Continue reading

Paolo asks…What are the top things I should focus on to maintain my good credit score?

Your credit score truly matters when it comes to not only qualifying for a loan, but what interest rate you may be offered.

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