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Andre’ Asks… I am selling my home and I’m a bit superstitious. My agent brought a contract to me today – Friday the 13th… I dont want to accept it – my wife says I’m nuts. What do you think?

Andre’, you are not alone. There are many buyers and sellers than will avoid having the number 13 associated with their transaction. Not only do they avoid the 13th day of the month, but studies show that properties with the … Continue reading

Fred Asks… Which of my three credit scores is most important?

Fred asks which of my three credit scores is most important? Continue reading

Thom Asks… How do I make sure the seller accepts my offer? I want to be a ready buyer.

You are Ready – We are Ready!  I say it all the time.The current housing market is fast paced and you need to BE READY to make an offer – and say… “YES to the Address”! The seller will want … Continue reading

Paolo asks…What are the top things I should focus on to maintain my good credit score?

Your credit score truly matters when it comes to not only qualifying for a loan, but what interest rate you may be offered.

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James Asks… I was divorced a few years ago and my former wife and I agreed to split the bills. She is not paying and the credit card companies are calling ME. I’m not responsible right?

So if it was a joint debt, the divorce decree legally absolves you from the debt. However, the credit reporting aspect is a different story –the creditor will report and try to collect from either party sometimes as long as it takes. Continue reading

Joseph Asks… A $5 collection runied my credit – how can this happen?

You can get a free credit report once a year from
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Jason Asks… I was wondering about Social Security Numbers. Will they ever run out ?

Great question Jason – you would think the answer is YES – however, after some searching I found this article below and the author seems to think we will have enough numbers to issue 5.5 Million per year through 2030! 18 … Continue reading

Jake Asks… Im a new college graduate and need to build some credit. Any ideas?

Be diligent and keep on top of your bills at all times – it will take a bit to earn a high credit score but your time and energy will pay off – literally –you’ll get lower rates and better terms on your future financing! Good Luck!
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Wayne Asks… I am in the process of being approved for a mortgage and want to make sure that I do in fact get approved. What are some things that could prevent my approval?

Bottom line is that if you plan ahead for the expected and unexpected, you will be prepared and a good risk for the lender!

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Andrea Asks… I am first time renter and have been told that I should get renters insurance. Is this true?

I would highly advise that all renters consider using renters insurance Continue reading