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Julia Asks… Im nervous about my credit and someone stealing my identity. What should I do to protect myself?

Identity Theft can occur in various ways: Dumpster Diving, Skimming, Phishing, or just plain stealing.  In some instances it is preventable, in others, no matter what you do – you may become victim to identity theft.   Here are some basic … Continue reading

Dan Asks… I just received my first credit card… What are a few ways in which I can manage it wisely?

It is incredibly important with your first credit card that you work on building a credit score. This will allow you to do a number of important things down the road such as being approved on a mortgage application, being … Continue reading

Jeremy Asks… I want to improve my credit score quickly, is there anything I can do to boost my score?

Despite the fact that raising your credit score is often times a slow and steady process, there are in fact a few things you can do to give your score that extra boost with just a few easy tweaks to … Continue reading

Scott Asks… I have a great job that provides me with a steady income and I have a large amount of cash in savings, this should make my past bad credit less relevant, right?

    When it comes to purchasing, re-financing or even renting a home, having a great deal of money in savings or equity in your home does not necessarily mean you are in the clear to getting approved for a … Continue reading

Brian Asks… I have no debt or late payments; this means I should have a great credit score, right?

This is actually one of the most common credit myths out there. Just because you are financially responsible does not mean that you have good credit. Your FICO score (credit score) is a measure of your credibility when it comes … Continue reading

Kara Asks… Is it possible that I could lose my job or have trouble finding a new one if my credit score is low?

Excellent Question – especially in this environment! Credit is king right now and it’s so important that you do your best to keep the scores high for a variety of reasons – including your employment! For many employers routine credit background … Continue reading

John Asks… I heard that one way to improve my credit score is to close old accounts. True?

FALSE! FALSE! FALSE! Closing accounts like credit cards that you no longer use can acutally LOWER your credit score. Yes, I said lower your score. I know it sounds crazy but by closing an account with a zero balance, you are … Continue reading

Stephen Asks…What Is The Best Way to Obtain My Credit Score?

What is your credit score? You need it for almost anything in this new economic world… from renting an apartment to obtaining insurance, to credit and even employers are inquiring on your credit rating. It is very important for you … Continue reading

Dana asked… How can I get and keep good credit?

In the big picture, you can get and keep good credit scores without ever paying a dime in interest or carrying debt. Isn’t that great news? It is best if you have a couple cards that you uses sparingly and pay off in … Continue reading

Shorts Sales Hit Your Credit – HARD!

Many people think that, because they are avoiding foreclosure by short selling their house, they are not going to hurt their credit. This is not the case. If you short sell your house, you will take a huge hit on … Continue reading