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Dave Asks… My new years resolution was to pay off my mortgage by the end of the year. How can I make it happen?

By paying off your mortgage early, you will be potentially saving a great deal of money.
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Chris Asks… I’m ready to buy a house, but I’ve seen some friends recently go through the “trauma” and everything seemed to be such a big deal… I’m nervous. What do you think?

The search for a new home can easily be one of the most stressful times of your life as emotions run high and tension between different parties builds. This is true for even the calmest, most cool-headed people around. This … Continue reading

Cheryl Answers… Your Questions about the $25 Billion Mortgage Settlement just announced from Washington

So, what does this massive settlement mean to YOU ? If you fall into the 3 categories below you may benefit from this agreement… •Homeowners who need loan modifications to stay in their homes. Loan servicers have agreed to write … Continue reading

Ashley Asks… Is there a tax advantage for making my January mortgage payment in December?

  Yes, by making your January 2012 mortgage payment before this years end, you may in fact save yourself a substantial amount of money. If you were to pay your January 1, 2012 mortgage bill in advance, by the end of … Continue reading

Marty Asks… I’ve owned a rental property for about 5 years – I’m wondering if in this market – it is a good idea to refinance. Any advice?

The costs you will incur during a refinance of your rental property will more than likely be covered within the first two years at your new rate. Let’s say on the refinance of your rental property you are able to … Continue reading

Cindy Asks… I am about to have my home appraised for a refinance… Do you have any quick and easy advice that could boost my homes value?

A low appraisal can make the re-financing of your home challenging for sure. My best advice for someone who is about to meet with an appraiser is as follows; Clean, do some quick maintenance and touch-up on what you can. … Continue reading

Grace asks… I’ve heard that bi-weekly mortgage payments can save me a great deal of money… Is this true?

Grace what you have heard is in fact true! Bi-weekly mortgage payments serve as an accelerated mortgage payoff system which allows you to make one extra monthly payment per year. Here’s how it works; Instead of making 12 mortgage payments … Continue reading

Susan Asks… I used my VA loan eligibility a few years ago on my former home ~ now I am looking for another home, can I use it again?

YES you can – it’s great news for Veterans. You can use your entitlement as many times as you wish – from your first home to your last. However, you can only have one VA loan at a time and … Continue reading

Paul Asks… I’m a veteran and want to buy a house ~ is it a good idea for me to use my VA eligibility?

Yes!  If you are a veteran and have VA eligibility then I would highly advise you to learn as much as you can about the VA home loan programs. ALMC Mortgage can help you determine if this is a good … Continue reading

Scott Asks… I have a great job that provides me with a steady income and I have a large amount of cash in savings, this should make my past bad credit less relevant, right?

    When it comes to purchasing, re-financing or even renting a home, having a great deal of money in savings or equity in your home does not necessarily mean you are in the clear to getting approved for a … Continue reading