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Sarah Asks….I will be moving to Denver soon with my job. Should I rent or own?

Interest rates are still low and that means it is more affordable to own your own home. Continue reading

Dan Asks… I’m a recent college graduate and am thinking about whether I should rent a property or buy my first home… By renting am I just throwing money away?

Let me start off by saying that renting in no way should be viewed as just throwing money away. Every person looking to either rent or buy a home is faced with different circumstances, each of which should play a … Continue reading

David asks… My daughter has a roommate who stopped paying her half of the rent. The management company keeps calling me. I co-signed for my daughter. Now the management company is starting eviction. What should I do?

This question was answered courtesy of the Real Estate Maven of Denver. If you want to avoid having an eviction for non-payment on your credit and your daughter’s credit PAY THE RENT! Colorado landlords and management companies often have a “joint and … Continue reading