Dana asked… How can I get and keep good credit?

In the big picture, you can get and keep good credit scores without ever paying a dime in interest or carrying debt. Isn’t that great news? It is best if you have a couple cards that you uses sparingly and pay off in full every month.

It’s is easier to obtain good scores if you have a mix of credit: revolving accounts (credit cards) and installment loans like a mortgage, auto loans and student loans.  Sometimes people who use credit accounts to dig themselves deeply into debt are unlikely to have good credit scores for long.

Credit-scoring formulas are extremely sensitive to how much of your available credit you’re using at any time, particularly on revolving accounts. Keep your  balances to limits at a maximum of 60% you should be safe. This applies whether or not you pay your balance in full. The balance reported to the credit bureaus is a snap shot of the account balances on the day that the credit report is pulled – so it may be before a payment has been made and it is usually 30 days behind the actual balance.

The key to having good credit scores is to have some and responsibly use your credit.

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