Fred Asks… Which of my three credit scores is most important?

Credit ScoreWhen it comes to qualifying for a home loan, Fred, the most important one is whichever one is weakest. That’s the one that could trip you up when applying for a loan. Your creditors aren’t required to report to all three bureaus — or any of them for that matter. And the three major credit bureaus process your information differently. So, check all three of your scores regularly. If one of them drops, act promptly to bring it back up. Still confused? Give me a call and I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have. 303-696-6933.

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As a successful business owner and community leader, Cheryl Braunschweiger is known and respected for getting things done with a degree of skill and enthusiasm that bring out the best in those around her - colleagues, clients and friends. The name of her business, ALMC Mortgage, reflects Cheryl's philosophy and personality. She says it stands for All Loans Must Close –a reflection of her determination to do whatever it takes to serve her clients. Cheryl has been in the mortgage lending business for 20 years. Read More About Cheryl
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