Johnny Asks… I’ve heard sellers are getting multiple offers on their homes… is there a way for me to stand out and have them choose my offer?

Well my advice is to make a fair offer, use a professional to assist you and… write a love letter to the house… yes I said it – write a love letter!

One way to get noticed by the seller is to put your thoughts on paper – a love letter of sorts to sellers telling them what you love about the house and why you are the best buyer!

One of my clients wrote a letter and she described what she liked about the home, including how pretty the landscaping was, the gorgeous pool in the yard, the nice neighborhood and the great award winning school close by for her twins. The agent submitted the letter with the offer and… IT WORKED – they got the house.

The key to this strategy is to be sincere, since the sellers are emotionally tied to “their” homes and want it to go to a good new owner – someone who will love it as much as they do.

If you are feeling the love… include the following items in your letter

  • Pictures and family history
  • Things that you like about the home and the neighborhood – be specific
  • Detail your home search and why this one is perfect
  • Include why you are perfect for this home
  • Anything that you would like to share about your loan qualification
  • If you find out you have anything incommon with the seller  – you can mention that as well.

Keep it short and sweet  but dont go overboard with praise – they might think they priced the home too low!  Give it a try – it certainly can’t hurt! Good Luck and hopefully you make a good love match!

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