Roy Asks… How can I make my mortgage work for me?

The equity in your home can give you a financial advantage if used correctly.

  1. Consolidate Debt.  Use your equity to pay off high-interest debt and consolidate your payments into one lower-interest payment.
  2. Cash Out Refi for Renovation.  Remodel your kitchen or bathroom or add a bedroom.  It may be cheaper than buying a new home and you will still have all the familiar comforts of your current home!
  3. Cash Out Refi for Major Purchase.  Cars, tuition, weddings, travel, second homes are just some major purchases.  Using the equity in your home allows you to loan money to yourself without putting it on a credit card.
  4. Accommodate Changing Needs and Goals.  We provide an annual fiscal check-up by phone in less than 10 minutes to see if your mortgage makes the most sense for you.
  5. Cash Out Refi for Other Real-Estate Investments.  Cashing out your equity for wise investments can be very lucrative.
  6. Increased Interest Rates.  Adjustable rate mortgages can be useful at times, but you must be ready to act quickly when the time comes.
  7. Decreased Interest Rates.  In the financial market cycle, there are short term “windows of opportunity” you can use to refinance your loan for significant savings.

Having a Loan Officer watching the market for you and ready to act is a valuable asset in your financial tool box.

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