Andre’ Asks… I am selling my home and I’m a bit superstitious. My agent brought a contract to me today – Friday the 13th… I dont want to accept it – my wife says I’m nuts. What do you think?

Andre’, you are not alone.

There are many buyers and sellers than will avoid having the number 13 associated with their transaction. Not only do they avoid the 13th day of the month, but studies show that properties with the number 13 in their address are 34% less likely to sell than any other numbers.

Buying a home is typically the largest financial investment for a borrower – so they want everything to be just right – especially the contract day or the closing day.

Since many people tend to believe that Friday the 13th is the most unlucky of days  – most likely real estate will be very quiet in 2012 on that day!

I would suggest your agent present you the contract on the 14th and avoid all reference to the 13th – just in case! Good luck!




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