Anna Asks… I am ready to start looking for a home and need to hire a real estate agent. How can I ensure that I find one that I can trust?

It is important for you to develop a strong relationship with your agent. After all, in many instances they will be the one representing your interests. They must also understand your personal hopes and dreams, confidential financial records, and your everyday lifestyle so that they can help you make the right decision when it comes to buying a home. If you keep these simple steps in mind, you’ll be sure to find an agent you can trust and enjoy working with on the transaction.

  1. Ask your friends, family and coworkers for referrals to agents they have had success with. When it comes to finding a real estate agent that will be right for you, the best resource you can use are the people you already trust. Ask them everything – what agent did they work with? What was their experience like? Did they enjoy doing business with them? Would they work with them again? If all of the answers to these questions are good and comforting, then you’re one step closer to finding that ideal real estate agent.
  2. Analyze how they present themselves online. Once you have the name of a potential agent, scope out what they are doing in the digital world. Check their Facebook page, Twitter account, blog, website, reviews etc. See which agents are active online, have good community engagement, participate in discussions and provide valuable information to you as the buyer. If you like what you see, this should be another green light towards using them as your agent.
  3. Look for an agent that has experience comparable to your needs. If you’ve done your homework when talking to your close friends, family and acquaintances as well as analyzing each agent online, you should have a general understanding as to what they have done in the past. It’s important to take into consideration what you’re looking for – a short sale, new home or fixer upper etc.? If a particular agent has no experience in what you need then they probably are not right for you.

 If you follow these simple guidelines finding a real estate agent that is right for you and will meet your needs should be a breeze.

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