Lauren Asks… I am looking sell my house soon, but have been told winter is not a good time to sell. How can I ensure my home sells during the winter months?

It is a common belief that for the months of November through February, the housing market in areas with a cold climates are pretty much stagnant. This idea holds a certain amount of truth to it but probably not as much as you may think. Many individuals and families are facing relocation, divorce and economic struggles – they need a place to live regardless of the time of year, therefore the market is still very active.

To ensure that your home has a better chance of selling  during the winter months, take note of the following tips that will help achieve your ultimate goal of selling your home.

  1. Price your home accurately. Today’s market is a buyer’s market. So in order to avoid a lowball offer from a potential buyer, you need an accurate price listing on when you put your home up for sale. It is particularly important to do this when you list the home in the winter. Buyers always want the best deal.
  2. Advertise with attractive photos. If it just snowed a foot or two, your walkway is covered in ice, or your yard looks like an arctic tundra, please don’t use these photographs as you advertise your home. People want to see the property at its finest so be sure to use some photographs from the warmer months or snap a few pictures on a sunny day when the snow has melted away. Make your home look pretty and attractive.
  3. Increase the curb appeal. Do you still have autumn leaves matted down into your grass? Are there broken tree limbs all around from that last major snow storm? Do you still have a lingering patch of ice on your walkway? If so, or if you have similar feature to your home that is visible from the street, take care of it. It is important to always maintain a great deal of curb appeal when selling a home especially in the winter.
  4. Create a warm and vibrant atmosphere inside. With a few minor adjustments to the decor and feel of your home, you will provide the buyer with that ‘wow-factor’ that will set your home apart from the others on the market.  Do your best to make sure that the interior of your home does not emulate the dreary elements on the outside. A few things to take into consideration are; remove the clutter, don’t go overboard on the holiday decorations, have superb interior lighting, and be sure it has an inviting aroma to it – bake some cookies right before some prospective buyers come over for a showing.

If you follow these 4 easy steps when putting your home on the market during the winter months, you will without a doubt increase its chances of being noticed, remembered and eventually SOLD!

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One Response to Lauren Asks… I am looking sell my house soon, but have been told winter is not a good time to sell. How can I ensure my home sells during the winter months?

  1. rhonda vaughn says:

    Great points! Also remember that buyers who are out looking during the winter months are usually pretty serious about buying a house! There is less inventory in the winter (aka, less competition); giving your home a great chance of getting sold! Shine it up as much as possible and hire a real estate professional that can educate you on how best to price your home. Our office meetings for the last month or two have been full of “we have buyer needs”…lots of buyers out there right looking for a home in great condition and priced right! Good luck!

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