Valerie Asks… I am getting ready to buy a house but I dread MOVING DAY – any tips to make that easier?

Moving Day can be a breeze! No, really it can – if you are prepared and you do a little forward planning!

Make a MOVING DAY check list…and check it twice!

Start with things to do 2 months prior to MOVING DAY

  • Inventory your belongings
  • Call movers for quotes or friends to budget for pizza and beer
  • Arrange to transfer school records

Then Six weeks prior to MOVING DAY

  • Get important papers prepared and photograph belongings before they are moved in case of damage
  • Make sure your insurance is up to date
  • Clean closets and drawers

Four weeks prior to MOVING DAY

  • Plan a yard sale – if it doesn’t sell – donate it – don’t move it!
  • Purchase packing supplies – make sure to have a labeling system
  • Plan your budget
  • Make arrangements with sitters or daycares for pets and children. It is far too easy for young children or pets to get hurt, or lost, on moving day.

Two weeks prior to MOVING DAY

  • Return to friends borrowed items – why move them ?
  • Fill out change of address forms – notify those that need to know your new address
  • Pack a MOVE BAG– medications, keys, a roll of toliet paper, snacks and anything you might need ASAP and don’t want to have on the bottom of a packed box! Also think about items to move in your personal car – family photo albums and sentimental items that cant be replaced!


  • Supervise the moving crew
  • Be available for questions
  • Be prepared for unexpected expense and have some cash on hand for food , gas, tolls etc…
  • Be ready to be flexible and realize if something goes wrong… you are prepared to handle it!

I have a moving day check list prepared and if anyone would like it,  email me and I’ll send it to you !  [email protected]

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