Daniel Asks…. We want to spruce up our house so we can sell it this spring, but only have about $1000 to spend – what can we do that will make some impact?

You can improve any room without breaking the bank—here are 3 simple steps to transform your space:

Conquer That Clutter and Make a GREAT First Impression.

  • The foyer can be the messiest catch-all in the house. Hang hooks along one wall and try a bench with baskets underneath for easy shoe removal and storage.
  • Eliminate multiple items. Especially in the kitchen, one of every gadget is really all you need.
  • Shop with intent, not on impulse. Take a list with you every time you shop and don’t bring home frivolous items that take up valuable space.
  • Don’t procrastinate. You’ll never create a peaceful room if there’s clutter everywhere. Attack it now and take 10   minutes every day to keep it tidy.

Perk Up Walls With Paint

  • Paint is the most dramatic and least  expensive way to make an impact in a room. It adds color and character and can give the illusion of extra square  footage.
  • Paint an opposing wall a rich hue. This will add depth and make the room feel larger.
  • Lighten up ceilings. A pale shade of cream or yellow in a semi-gloss on low ceilings will create the illusion of light & height.
  • Create stripes by using two shades of one color paint and a roll of painter’s tape. Vertical stripes make a room feel taller; horizontal stripes make a room feel wider.
  • Choose low contrast between your furnishings and wall color. This is easier on the eye and gives the illusion of space.
  • Live with the color before you commit to it by applying it to a poster board and   taping to your wall for a few days to get a sense of how it will look.

Mix & Match Your Movables

  • A budget-friendly way to get out of a decorating rut is to rearrange your existing furniture.
  • Enlist a friend to give you a second opinion and help with any heavy lifting.
  • Get a new perspective. Move your bed to another wall; waking up to a fresh view will make you feel like you’re in a new room.
  • Play with space. Pull your furniture away from the walls or place some pieces on the diagonal.
  • Display collections together for the biggest impact. A grouping of black-and-white photos on one wall will make a stronger impression than various, mismatched frames all over the house.
  • Repurpose, reuse and recycle items from your home for a brand-new take on accessorizing. Hang a rug on the wall or transform a folding screen to a headboard.

Great creative and enlist friends to help – maybe even borrower furniture – check out estate sales and look for new ideas! You WILL be able to accomplish your goals and stay within your budget!

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