Robert Asks… My agent showed my wife and I a house that is known to be haunted by local legend. It’s a little freaky – any way to know for sure?

Yes. If you currently have your eye on a home and are considering purchasing it but have a sinking suspicion that it may already have an “occupant” or two, there are in fact a few things you can do. 

First and foremost, you should check the seller’s disclosure. This disclosure is a form which reveals what the seller knows about the property’s physical condition and they are required to complete it. In this disclosure the seller may in fact reveal what oddities or paranormal activity they may have experienced while living in the home.

If the seller’s disclosure shows no sign of haunting activity, there are a few more things you can do to help with your peace of mind. Take some time to talk with the neighbors and ask questions about the home. Ask what exactly they know about it. The more you know the better. And odds are the neighbors would know the most about it and know the history of the home. Use the local library to research records and previous owner’s names and information. You can check the police records as well to check for deaths and or criminal activity at the home. You may even find newspaper articles about the home if there was ever any unusual activity! These types of reports typically get media attention.  The Internet will be a good tool in your research as well. You never know what a simple Google search may turn up.

Now in the rare case that you are seeking a haunted home as your next residence or are currently trying to sell your haunted home, you’re in luck. There are resources available, that will direct you to real haunted home listings. Search on line for paranormal home listings and make sure your agent details the activity in the listing- many people are fascinated by haunted houses and you will most likely have a buyer in a very short time!!

If the thought of buying a “haunted home” is still a little freaky to you  – then move on – this is just one of thousands available and the right one is just waiting for you to be the rightful owner.

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