Ron Asks…. Is there down payment assistance to help me buy a house in Aurora?


Yes there is! Aurora’s Home Ownership Assistance Program (HOAP) is celebrating 45 years of helping homeowners in Aurora! They are dedicated to making homeownership a reality for many families!

The Aurora HOAP is a HUD approved counseling agency and they offer free pre- purchase counseling and financial assistance to borrowers who qualify in the form of down payment money! It can be up to 3% of the price of the home! In order to qualify you must attend a free education seminar for 1st time buyers, which covers the process for buying and owning a home.

HOAP teaches homebuyers how to be responsible and manage the ownership of a home. They are committed to making sure all loan programs follow the laws of the Fair Housing Act – which prohibits discrimination in the sale or rental of a property based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status. They also offer counseling for foreclosure and reverse mortgage programs.

Other cities and counties also have similar assistance programs – check the city or county websites where you live for similar programs!

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