Wendy Asks… I am buying a house and I am stressed about Moving Day. Any tips or advice?

Wendy, believe it or not moving has been proven to be one of the most stressful events in an individuals’ life!  It ranks up there with public speaking, death and divorce. The craziness of finding a place to live, packing up the boxes, and leaving your former home behind and then unpacking the boxes and setting up a new house is stressful and – it’s no wonder the process comes with some anxiety!

A move doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these tips for an easy-breezy transition to your new place!

  • Have a Realistic Outlook. You know it’s going to be a busy so brace yourself for chaos. If you expect a crazy time and assume a few things will go wrong, you’ll be best prepared for a bit of upheaval.
  • Make a Plan and Stick to it. Clear your schedule and leave yourself plenty of time to pack (rather than starting at 10pm the night before the move). Enlist friends to help you with the move so the process is less daunting.
  • Say Good-Bye. Even if you’re moving to a great new place, it can be hard to leave the old one. Mark the occasion by doing something special–throwing a goodbye party, cooking yourself a special last meal, taking photos of your old bedroom–and you’ll feel more satisfied with the send-off.
  • Recognize Transition is Difficult. You won’t do yourself any favors by pretending that the move is no big deal. Know that it’s okay and normal to experience mood swings–excitement! anxiety! fear! happiness!–throughout the process.
  • Create your new Space ASAP.  It may take weeks to unpack your boxes, but do one or two things to immediately make the new space feel like a home: Try setting up a few picture frames, or making your bed with your favorite bedding. Then, let yourself off the hook a bit and recognize that it will take time to settle in.
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