Ben Asks… I’ve heard it best to save a large down payment before I buy a house. Is that good advice?


Yes, it is. However you don’t have to have a large down payment currently to buy a house. It just makes it more advantageous if you do. There are many benefits to having a large down payment.

  1. You will get lower financing rates and better terms as you will be seen as a lower risk borrower
  2. Your mortgage payment will be lower and potentially more manageable
  3. If you have at least a 20% down payment based on the value of the home you will avoid private mortgage insurance premiums – which could save you thousands over the years.
  4. With a large down payment you won’t run quite as high a risk to be in a negative equity position in the future
  5. A large down payment may be able to help you ride of financial crises like job loss or illness.  Since you are not at a maximum debt load and you could potentially borrow the equity of the home if you get into a real emergency

The most solid investment you can make is a large down payment for your home. Take the time to budget and save the money and it can be worth thousands in savings to you over the years.

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