Chris Asks… I’m ready to buy a house, but I’ve seen some friends recently go through the “trauma” and everything seemed to be such a big deal… I’m nervous. What do you think?

The search for a new home can easily be one of the most stressful times of your life as emotions run high and tension between different parties builds. This is true for even the calmest, most cool-headed people around. This is no surprise considering that the purchase of a home will be one of the most important and largest decisions you’ll make in an entire lifetime.

Don’t worry though, the process of buying a home doesn’t have to be a burden on your mental health. Minimize the stress and enjoy the hunt for your dream home by following these tips to become a “drama-free” homebuyer. Your mortgage lender and your agent will love you!

1.     Do Your Research. Typically you should start doing your research at least a few months in advance of actually looking at homes. Utilize the Internet and ask around within your group of friends, family, and co-workers to find out the essentials. Where’s a good location to buy a home? Who’s a trustworthy real estate agent? What kind of mortgage should you take out on your home? All of these questions are things that you can answer prior to the actual decision making time. If you can take care of these now, your home buying process will be a pleasure.

2.     Outline Realistic Expectations. More often than not, buyers who begin their house hunt with unrealistic expectations will have a much more problematic experience when it comes to buying a home. From the beginning, outline your expectations with your real estate agent and allow them to manage them. If you set these expectations and stick to them, your agent will be able to tell you what to expect and show you some properties that will meet your needs. Otherwise, you may be left unsatisfied and wanting more.

3.     Avoid Self Imposed Deadlines. Many people like to put a strict deadline on things during the home buying process. A specific deadline can quickly spiral into a great deal of stress and anxiety as that particular date inches closer and closer. A home transaction is an intricate process that takes a serious amount of time to see through. Reduce the drama in this process by keeping your timeframe on finding a home a little more open ended. This way you can focus on finding the home for you as opposed to trying to accomplish a date. 

4.     Control Your Own Feelings. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind during this process is to keep your emotions in check. Figure out a way to control yourself, whether it is exercise, reading, or anything of the sorts it is vital that you find someway to keep your mind off of things when the going gets tough. 

There is no reason to dwell on the small things  – let the professionals you choose tend to the timeline. In my experience things typically work out for the best in the end anyway – so sit back and ENJOY the process!

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