Jo Asks… How do I avoid buying a lemon?

LemonThere’s always some risk with anything you do, Jo. But there are ways to minimize your risks when buying a home. Have your prospective home checked by an independent, professional inspector. This is common and important. Don’t skip it. There are limits to what an inspector can find. They can’t open up walls or perform exhaustive tests on mechanical systems. But an inspector who uses an infrared camera may be able to spot plumbing leaks hidden behind walls. You can obtain a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (C.L.U.E). report, which is a seven-year history of claims on the home. They’re available through A home warranty, paid for by you or the seller, provides an added degree of protection. Be extra cautious if buying a home that’s being flipped. A knowledgeable flipper can hide some problems that won’t show up for a while. If you have reasons to be concerned, talk to neighbors. They may know of problems, particularly things that also affect them. Trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, check it out. A last resort is litigation. But that’s really a last resort. Be careful. But don’t let fear keep you from buying. A well-maintained home probably won’t be a problem later on. Still have questions? Call me. 303-696-6933.

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