John Asks… Should I hire a Home Inspector ?

YES ONLYAbsolutely. Some lenders & banks – require a home inspection as a condition of issuing a loan. But hiring an inspector is a good idea even if the lender doesn’t require one.

No home is perfect… not even brand new homes.  An independent inspector may save you thousands of dollars in repairs that should be made by the current owner, not you.

The inspector’s job is to point out safety-related concerns or conditions needing repair. They’ll check electrical wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, roofs, chimneys, doors, crawl spaces and similar items. If warranted, they may also test for radon. They generally won’t comment on purely cosmetic conditions. And they don’t check behind walls or under flooring.

The inspector works for the person paying them. And their report to you is confidential unless you choose to share it — if you ask the seller to address certain problems, for example. Expect to pay $350-$500 for a thorough report. You may chose to move forward regardless of the findings of the inspector – but you will know exactly what you are buying.

Your Realtor or mortgage lender can help you find a qualified  inspector. Or you can locate one through the National Association of Home Inspectors. Hiring professionals to help you through this whole home buying process is in your best interest. Call me to discuss any questions you may have… 303-696-6933.


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