Julie Asks… I want to sell my home, how do I get a competitive edge as a seller?

Think twice before you sell. A case can be made that this is a bad time to expect BIGreturns. If you don’t have to sell now, don’t. Make inexpensive improvements and wait until market  factors are more in your favor. However, some want to or need to sell – so if you are in the market to sell, keep in mine the following strategies.

Find the best broker. A year ago, you could have asked agents to cut their commissions because houses sold themselves. Now you’re better off paying the full 6% to ensure you’ll get the best service. Local agents are best. They know the selling points of your community –and your house—and can be present to show it to buyers at a moment’s notice. Look for pros with at least eight years’ experience. If they worked in the business before the boom, they’ll do more than just weigh the best offers.

Make sure the price is right. A good agent will know what numbers get the best response from consumers. Studies show that buyers react to break points, or psychological limits. For example, a buyer with a budget of $250,000 may be willing to pay $249,000 but not $251,000. If your home is valued at $310,000, consider listing it at $300,000 or even $299,000 to maximize its sales potential.

Know which way the wind is blowing. Pricing in a free-falling market is dicey. It could be that pricing your property at current market value, while prices are rapidly dropping, could result in your house being overpriced in the 30-60 days it typically takes to close the sale. Savvy buyers will then back out and look for a comparable yet less expensive home. You want to avoid time on the market to stay ahead of the other sellers.

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