Justin Asks… How do I find a Loan Officer that I can trust to work with my mortgage?


In today’s economic environment, its tough to know who to call  – what to do and who to trust! Mortgage professionals are lined up to get your business. The best way to find a reputable mortgage professional is by far a personal referral, a consumer advocate recommendation – like Tom Martino or TeamDaveLogan or even the Experience Pros Customer Service Directory or the BBB. Check out the company and individual you choose to work with BEFORE you commit to doing business. There are 4500 mortgage professionals in Colorado. Choose wisely.

Since 1995, ALMC Mortgage has been quietly earning a reputation for honesty, ethical business conduct and hard work. Whether you are purchasing a home, refinancing or seeking an equity line of credit, you can expect more from our professional team. We know it’s important to get the job done well and in a timely manner. Our high quality service is fast, efficient, and courteous.

Cheryl Braunschweiger
NMLS #266695
ALMC NMLS #380712

You can check my licensing status at www.dora.state.co.us

Meet Cheryl!

About Cheryl

As a successful business owner and community leader, Cheryl Braunschweiger is known and respected for getting things done with a degree of skill and enthusiasm that bring out the best in those around her - colleagues, clients and friends. The name of her business, ALMC Mortgage, reflects Cheryl's philosophy and personality. She says it stands for All Loans Must Close –a reflection of her determination to do whatever it takes to serve her clients. Cheryl has been in the mortgage lending business for 20 years. Read More About Cheryl
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