Sharon Asks….How do I choose a mortgage provider I can trust?

Smiling business teamFirst Things First – Do your Research!!

There are great resources for you to use when researching which mortgage provider is best for you.  Check with your local Better Business Bureau and ask for a company reliability report.  Also, seek referrals within your own network of friends, co-workers, neighbors family and a trusted Realtor.

Gather a list of potential mortgage companies and ask them questions:

  • Are you affiliated with Industry Associations?
  • Are you a Lender or a Broker?
  • Do your loan officers have experience and education?
  • Will you provide a written estimate of loan terms and costs?

Kep in Mind:

  • No money should be required up front for your loan application other than a credit report or an appraisal
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Be prepared to answer personal questions about your employment, income, and credit history.  Consider how much you want your monthly payment to be and understand you may qualify for a loan and payments for more than you are wanting to spend. Do your research and make decisions comfortable for you.

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