Tricia asks….I have heard that buying a home in the winter months can be beneficial. I have SO many other things to do right now, why should I add this to my list?

Oh the weather outside is frightful….Buying is so delightful!!

Determined buyers can find so many benefits during the cold holiday season. It may truly pay off for you to add one more thing to your TO DO list:

  • During the nice weather months, MANY people  are out looking for a new home.  This means you are in competition with all those people and you may pay more for a property, miss a good-value, or even receive less attention from busy real estate and mortgage professionals.
  • The holiday seasonal sellers are just as determined as you are as the buyer!  These sellers are committed to selling, the professionals can give you more of their attention and you will have full view of the good-value listings.  When there is less competition in the buyer’s market, you will get more personalized service, more for your money, and have the time to feel confident in all of your decisions.

Although the holiday season typically means putting life on hold to eat more, spend more, be with family more, it doesn’t mean it is the right choice to ignore real estate opportunities.  Your real estate goals and dreams just may become a reality during this special time of year which would make it an even more thankful time.86528300-1.

The most important thing to remember is sellers that have listed during this time of year are very serious about selling.  Understanding their needs and wants during this time will go a long way for you as the buyer as well.  Perhaps they have a hard close date in mind.  Try to meet that date for them and maybe they will be likely to accept your purchase price offer.  Take advantage of the “worst time” weather and learn what you can expect from a property:

  • Walk through a home during a rainstorm and you’ll see how well the eavestrough system does its job. Observe the gutters, corners, and exterior walls. Ensure there is no exterior water damage or water in the basement.  Does the water collect on the property or move into the street?
  • Drive by houses after a fresh snowfall and you’ll discover which are well insulated (snow on roof) and which are losing heat (melted snow).
  • Tour a house on a very windy day and drafts, insufficient insulation, and poorly-sealed windows and doors will be revealed.
  • If it is an especially cold day, investigate if the furnace heats the whole house. Are the back rooms cold?  How is the upper floor and the basement?
  • During the holiday season when parties and cooking are popular pastimes tour condominium units and you’ll see how far noise and smells travel in the building and into the suite or townhome you’re considering.
  • Ask an experienced real estate and mortgage professional for their “best things” about “worst times”.


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