Exciting News! . . . ALMC is joining NOVA Home Loans.

I have some exciting news! ALMC is joining NOVA Home Loans on March 1. I’ll still be here, doing business as ALMC with the same All Loans Must Close philosophy that’s motivated me for the past 16 years. What does the move mean for you? More personal attention and more borrowing options.

More personal attention to your needs. If you’ve ever been to a loan closing, you know there’s a lot of paperwork. Right now I prepare most of that paperwork myself. At NOVA, I’ll be supported by a team of professionals who specialize in preparing loan documents. That means I’ll be able to devote more of my time to the thing I do the best and enjoy the most – working one-on-one with my clients to make sure your needs are met. I’m really excited about that.

More options for meeting your financial goals. As part of NOVA Home Loans, I’ll be able to offer you financing options I haven’t been able to provide until now . . . reverse mortgages are just one example. And I’ll be able to provide more assistance if you need help qualifying for a loan.

Are there any downsides? None that I can see. More personal attention to your needs. More options. Same guiding philosophy – All Loans Must Close! And no need to worry if I’m already working on financing for you. I’ll still make sure your loan closes on time.

Cheryl Braunschweiger Mortgage Professional

ALMC | NOVA Home Loans 1745 Shea Center DriveHighlands Ranch, CO 80129

Phone: 303-696-6933 Mobile: 720.480-7792 Fax: 303-696-8104

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Meet Cheryl!

About Cheryl

As a successful business owner and community leader, Cheryl Braunschweiger is known and respected for getting things done with a degree of skill and enthusiasm that bring out the best in those around her - colleagues, clients and friends. The name of her business, ALMC Mortgage, reflects Cheryl's philosophy and personality. She says it stands for All Loans Must Close –a reflection of her determination to do whatever it takes to serve her clients. Cheryl has been in the mortgage lending business for 20 years. Read More About Cheryl
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