Karen asks what all do I need to gather for a mortgage?

This is an easy one for us to answer!  Reference this list, and you will be prepared!!

  1. Valid driver’s license – To comply with the Patriot Act, this will verify your identity.
  2. Secondary ID – Either a passport or Social Security card
  3. One month’s pay stubs – If you are paid hourly or salary
  4. W-2 forms from employers from the past two years – To verify employment and earnings history
  5. Two years of signed federal tax returns (all pages)  – These are essential for self-employed, bonus, and commission income.  Even if you are paid a salary, this proves income.
  6. Two months of bank statements – These provide evidence of assets for down payment, closing costs and reserves.
  7. Purchase contract for the property you are buying
  8. If refinancing, a copy of the deed
  9. Landlord contact – If you are a renter, the name, phone, and address of the landlord can help verify that you pay timely
  10. Attorney contact – May help coordinate the closingTax 1040
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